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The Benefits of Moving Goods by Road

When it comes to moving goods across the country, the road remains one of the best forms of transport. Road haulage is still a very popular form of freight delivery; and it has several benefits over sea, air and rail-based services. Here are some reasons why moving goods by road is still the best option.

Road Haulage

1. Cost Effective

Maintaining road haulage services and networks involves less expense when compared to other freight services. Not only is the initial financial outlay for setting up these services much less, but the overall cost for running them works out to be much lower.

2. Convenience

Compared to rail, air and sea delivery, moving freight by road tends to be much more convenient. Road transport allows freight to go straight to the final destination, rather than offloading it at a terminal and having to await further transport.

3. Remote Delivery

Some areas have poor rail or air transport links or cannot be reached by sea. In these cases, road haulage is the best method of sending goods to remote areas. Overall, the trade network between large metropolitan areas and small remote regions occurs mostly through road delivery.

4. Local Delivery

By contrast, some delivery services are unsuited to transporting goods over short distances. Many services such as air, rail and water transport send goods to a terminal that may not be near the destination and may delay final delivery. Road transport allows faster delivery to a nearby location.

5. Flexibility

Many freight delivery services must work around strict timings and routes when it comes to transport. By contrast, you can easily alter road transport options when the need arises. This allows for greater flexibility when moving goods, ensuring an easier delivery process.

6. Safer Transport

With less need for loading and offloading goods, there is a much smaller risk of goods being damaged in transit with road haulage. In turn, this saves on costly packing charges often needed to keep goods safe during air, sea and rail transport.

7. Building New Networks

When it comes to road delivery you can create any network, according to your business needs. From designing routes based on frequent deliveries to investing in the right type of vehicles, road services will allow you to create the best services for your needs.

8. Connecting Existing Networks

While road services have several benefits when it comes to delivering goods, there are times where you will need to use other delivery methods such as air, rail and sea. In these cases, having a well-established road transport network will allow you to connect to these alternative transport methods easily.

Working with Containerlift

Here at Containerlift, we offer a range of services that will ensure safe and efficient delivery of any goods. In addition to our standard container delivery services, we can also provide out of gauge services for oversized freight, tipping chassis for bulk goods, Hiab vehicles for shipping container delivery, and special delivery services for dangerous goods. To find out more about our options for freight transportation, visit us online or speak with our friendly team over the phone today.

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