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Stadium Seating Made From Shipping Containers

Revolutionising Stadium Seating with Shipping Containers:

A Game-Changer in Cost, Convenience, and Durability

There is no end to the innovative ideas of how shipping containers can be used. In 2005, Containerlift worked on a project with a designer who incorporated mobile, demountable grandstands into shipping container units. Using Containerlift’s sidelifters, the shipping container units were unfolded to deploy instant grandstand units, ideal for sporting evening and concerts.


This idea has since gone from strength to strength.

When it comes to constructing stadiums or outdoor arenas, the seating and dugout areas usually require extensive construction and permanent fixtures. Traditional methods not only demand significant time investment but are also heavy on the pocket. This is where the concept of shipping container stadium seating emerges as a groundbreaking solution.

Hassle-Free Installation and Mobility

One of the most impressive advantages of shipping container stadium seating is its ease of installation and the convenience of being transportable. Unlike traditional seating solutions, which are permanent or semi-permanent structures requiring extensive construction, shipping container seats are virtually ‘ready to go’.

They can be transported from one location to another with minimal fuss, making them an ideal choice for touring events and roadshows. It’s no surprise that this flexible seating solution is gaining traction among amateur football clubs and outdoor events, where the need for portable and versatile seating options is always in demand.

A Cost-Effective Alternative

Traditional stadium seating doesn’t just require hefty material costs; it also calls for a skilled workforce for safe and effective construction. These factors contribute to a significant financial outlay. In contrast, shipping container stadium seating allows you to save considerably.

These containers are pre-assembled with your chosen seating layout, reducing both the time and labor costs. Once the units are ready, they are quickly and efficiently transported and installed at your desired location, making it a cost-effective alternative to conventional methods.

Customisation at Its Best

These seating containers offer an array of customisation options tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you need additional seating, windows, or coverings, our expert team can guide you through the most cost-effective and suitable choices for your project. This ensures you get a purpose-built seating solution that precisely aligns with your requirements.


Durability That Stands the Test of Time

Shipping containers are originally designed to endure extreme weather conditions. Thus, when repurposed as stadium seating, they promise longevity. With proper maintenance, these container-based seats can last for decades, providing a long-term seating solution that’s as durable as it is functional.


In a world where adaptability, cost-efficiency, and durability are more crucial than ever, shipping container stadium seating provides a compelling option.

With this new range of container-based stadium seats, you can rest assured of a significant return on investment. Say goodbye to the tedious and expensive traditional methods, and embrace the future of stadium seating today.

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