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Transition from CHIEF to CDS for exports.

The deadline for exports via CDS is drawing near in 2023. On the 2nd of February, 2023, the HMRC unveiled an updated timetable for a phased shift from CHIEF to CDS for exports.

Goods transported through the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) will be eligible for declaration via CDS from late February 2023. This primarily includes departures via Roll On Roll Off ports, largely consisting of manned trailer exports from the UK to the EU.

The HMRC is partnering with current Community Service Providers (MCP, CNS, CCS-UK, among others) to offer an export solution on CDS for goods departing via inventory linking services in Summer 2023.

The expectation is that the complete functionality of CDS for exports will be achieved by September 2023. This date can be seen as a ‘soft deadline’ for all export traders and declarants to transition to CDS. The official cut-off is set for the 30th November 2023, but the HMRC wishes to avoid the need for extensions, as was the case with CDS imports. Therefore, September should be viewed as the target deadline.

Good Logistics is adopting a phased approach towards using CDS for exports and will begin reaching out to export customers with further details in the upcoming months. If you have previously registered for CDS during the import transition, you are already prepared for exports. 

UK Legislation Update


The Windsor Framework is a preliminary agreement between the UK government and the EU commission that outlines modifications to the current Northern Ireland Protocol. It specifies changes to the Protocol regarding the movement of goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Windsor Framework aims to eliminate what has been perceived as a border in the Irish Sea between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. While full details are yet to be made public, the Framework suggests a ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ channel system for goods entering Northern Ireland.

Just like their current airport counterparts, the ‘Red’ channel will be for goods ‘at risk’ of transferring from Northern Ireland into the Republic of Ireland and the wider EU. These movements will continue to necessitate import declarations, with import duty paid at EU rates.

The ‘Green’ channel will be for goods ‘not at risk’ and destined to stay in Northern Ireland. This will enable goods to move from the rest of the UK into Northern Ireland without completing an import declaration. The proposal is to label goods ‘not at risk’ with a ‘Not for EU’ tag to signify their intention to stay in Northern Ireland.

ICS Safety and Security Declarations will remain a requirement for goods entering Northern Ireland.

More details will be made available in due course as the government seeks business feedback in the upcoming months before implementing any changes. Industry anticipations suggest the Framework is unlikely to be rolled out before sometime in 2024.


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