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Sidelifter Container Delivery Services offer a comprehensive solution for transporting and handling shipping containers across the UK. Our fleet, equipped with advanced self-loading vehicles, ensures efficient and safe delivery nationwide. Capable of handling various container sizes, including 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, and 45ft, our Containerlift trailers can lift containers weighing up to 36 tonnes. With extensive coverage throughout the UK, we provide seamless delivery solutions, regardless of which port your container arrives into.

The ability to place containers directly on the ground simplifies the packing and unpacking process, offering enhanced flexibility and safety. This approach not only reduces the risk to the contents of the container but also to those loading and unloading it, making our Sidelifter Container Delivery Service a reliable and efficient choice for your shipping container transportation needs.

Sidelifter container lorries, also known as side-loader trucks or container side-lifters, are specialised vehicles used for transporting and handling shipping containers. These lorries are equipped with powerful cranes mounted on their chassis, which allows them to lift and transport containers from the side. This capability makes them particularly useful in scenarios where space constraints prevent the use of standard container handling equipment like forklifts or cranes.

Key features and uses of sidelifter container lorries include:

  • Loading and Unloading Capabilities: They can load and unload containers without the need for additional equipment, making them ideal for rapid and flexible operations.
  • Handling Different Container Sizes: Sidelifter lorries are typically designed to handle standard container sizes, such as 20-foot and 40-foot containers.
  • Space Efficiency: They are particularly advantageous in tight spaces or locations where access is restricted, as they can manoeuvre containers into place from the side of the vehicle.
  • Transport Flexibility: Sidelifter lorries can transport containers over short or medium distances, making them suitable for intermodal transport, where containers are moved from ships to trucks or trains.
  • Time and Labour Savings: By reducing the need for additional handling equipment and manual labour, sidelifters can significantly speed up the process of loading and unloading.
  • Safety: They offer a safer way to handle containers, especially in congested or uneven areas, as the operator can control the entire lifting process from within the safety of the lorry’s cab.

Sidelifter container lorries are commonly used in logistics, shipping, and freight industries, providing a versatile and efficient solution for container transport and handling. Their unique capabilities make them a valuable asset in the supply chain, especially in locations where space is at a premium or where other container handling equipment is not readily available.

Case Studies

  • Intermodal Transport Company: A logistics company specialising in intermodal transport integrated sidelifters into their fleet to streamline the transfer of containers from rail to road. This integration significantly reduced the turnaround time for container handling and increased operational efficiency.
  • Construction Site Applications: In a case study involving a construction project in a congested urban area, a sidelifter was used to deliver and relocate storage containers used for equipment and materials. The ability to manoeuvre in tight spaces and quickly relocate containers as needed proved invaluable.
  • Remote Area Operations: A mining company operating in a remote area utilised sidelifters to transport storage and housing containers. The sidelifter’s capability to load and unload without additional equipment was crucial in the remote location where resources were limited.
  • Disaster Relief Efforts: In a disaster relief operation, sidelifters were used to rapidly deploy and retrieve portable housing units and storage containers in areas affected by natural disasters. Their speed and flexibility in handling containers were essential in the time-sensitive context.
  • Port Logistics: A port authority incorporated sidelifters to improve the efficiency of moving containers between ships, storage areas, and trucks. The sidelifter provided a solution for quickly repositioning containers without relying on busy port cranes.

Top Ten Items Transported Using Sidelifter Container Lorries

  • Intermodal Freight Containers: For transporting goods between different modes of transport (ship, rail, road).
  • Construction Materials: Such as steel, lumber, and pre-fabricated elements for construction sites.
  • Mining Supplies and Equipment: Transporting supplies to and from remote mining sites.
  • Agricultural Products: Including machinery and bulk goods like grain in rural areas.
  • Automotive Parts: For supply chain logistics in the automotive industry.
  • Consumer Goods: Electronics, furniture, and other retail items for distribution centers.
  • Chemicals and Hazardous Materials: In specialised containers for safe transportation.
  • Military Equipment: For quick deployment in military or defence operations.
  • Emergency Housing Units: For disaster relief operations and temporary accommodation.
  • Refrigerated Goods: Perishable items like food and pharmaceuticals in temperature-controlled containers.

These case studies and items highlight the versatility and importance of sidelifters in various industries and scenarios, showcasing their ability to adapt to different operational needs and environments.

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