How to Create a Container Office

June 4, 2021by Rob James

These days more and more people are opting to work from home. This is due to a range of factors, including work/life balance, flexible working arrangements and lower expenses. In choosing to work from home, however, people need to consider what type of home office will best suit them. An innovative way to create a home office is by repurposing an old shipping container. Container offices are low cost, convenient, and can be installed anywhere. They are also very versatile and can serve a range of functions. Here are some things to consider when looking at container offices for your home.

Container Office

What to Consider When Looking at Container Offices

The first thing to consider when looking at a container for your home office is how well it suits your needs. Is it the right size for your needs? Is it in good shape or in need of repairs? It is vital that you carefully inspect the container to make sure it will serve your purpose.

The next thing to decide is whether to buy new or used. Newer containers will of course be more expensive but are more likely to be in good condition. Used containers cost less, but you will need to inspect it for any flaws.

Once you have an idea of the container you want, you will need to research local rules regarding planning permission. Check with your local authorities as to whether there are any restrictions on shipping containers. Then, ensure that you have enough space to install a shipping container at home. Containers can take up a lot of room, so make sure you have enough space to easily move around as well as set up power and plumbing requirements.

Last, but not least, is to consider the overall design of your home office within the container. Plan out any furniture, equipment or modifications ahead of time.

Benefits of Container Offices

Constructed from extra-strong materials to withstand ocean voyages, shipping containers are strong and secure, without the need for additional modifications. Containers are also built to withstand harsh weather. This ensures they are weatherproof so that they can protect all contents within. And, as containers are designed with transport in mind, they are easy to move locations whenever needed.

If you need more room, then you can easily stack containers on top of each other to create a multi-story structure. And because containers are ready-made, repurposing them into an office costs much less than building a new office from scratch.

Modifying Your Container Office

Here are some modifications to consider when creating your home office:

  • Doors and windows – You will need these for access and ventilation, as well as to let in natural light.
  • Insulation – Depending on what you use your container for, choosing the right kind of insulation will ensure you can maintain and enjoy comfortable working temperatures.
  • Heating and cooling – While good insulation will help maintain pleasant temperatures throughout the year, it is a good idea to consider heating and air conditioning for extra comfort.
  • Electricity and lighting – In order to create a working home office, you will need power for your equipment as well as adequate lighting.
  • Flooring and walls – Carpets, rugs and wallpaper will all make your home office more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.


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