Lifting the spirits of children in need!

Great News! We are teaming up this year with a charity called The Laughter Specialists who are there to raise the spirits of vulnerable and ill children. It is part of our ongoing efforts to support good causes.

The Laughter Specialists is a small charity based in Essex, who bring laughter and humour to those who need and deserve it the most.

Founders, Annie and Patrick, began their careers at Great Ormand Street Hospital. Working there for 16 years, they used this experience to help build the charity to what it is today. Now working on the wards of hospitals such as Addenbrookes and Broomfield, they bring entertainment to children in hospital, those with special needs and to their families and carers.

Joost Baker, Containerlift’s Managing Director explains, “There is little else more heart wrenching than seeing a baby or child suffering. Coping with a child who is unwell, terminally ill or who has special needs has to be one of life’s toughest challenges for any adult whether a parent or not. When life is this challenging humour and laughter is at its most valuable. There are numerous studies that point toward the massive positive effects laughter has on healing. For all these reasons and more we are extremely proud to be supporting such a wonderful cause.”

For more information about The Laughter Specialists and the fantastic work they do go to –