Andy completing the Bolton Ironman

Staying Fit on the Road

Lorry drivers are not famed for leading a healthy lifestyle. The job often involves spending long periods sitting driving. Keeping active and eating healthily while on the road can also be a serious challenge. One of Containerlift’s drivers has bucked this trend, and not by just a bit!

Andy Collings took to truck driving shortly after leaving the military and like so many commercial drivers fell victim to an unhealthy lifestyle. Following a small health scare Andy decided to make a change and did so in dramatic fashion. 18 months after his health scare and 4 stone lighter Andy completed his first Ironman Triathlon in Bolton. Since then, over the last four year, Andy has kept up his fitness regime regularly participating in fitness events.

In order to stay in shape whilst away, out on the road Andy’s running kit and exercise mat and weights are always packed. While many of us run the same old route to keep fit Andy’s Strava account has recorded runs at some amazing and beautiful locations all across the UK and Europe. From the Shetland Isles, Lapland, Southern Italy and the Alps, a selection of some of Andy’s running photos are included in this post. On the flip side, there there have also been some slightly less scenic runs with multiple laps around truck parks.

By his own admission getting out for a run on a cold and wet early morning can be tough but it is always worth it. Andy swears by the benefits of a healthy lifestyle both for the body and importantly the mind. Mental health, particularly during recent months, has become very important. Even with the challenges of spending up to 5 nights a week away on the road, with a bit of effort and organising a much healthier and happier work/life balance can be achieved.

An inspiration to us all Andy!