Containerlift Accident Films – Watch and please learn and be a safe driver for the benefit of everyone. These films are meant as a training aid.


This page contains a number of short CCTV films of accidents Containerlift vehicles have been involved in. Some of the accidents are not our fault but most have been the fault of the Containerlift driver. Many of the accidents we could have avoided whether our fault or not. As you watch these films asked yourself,


“What could the Containerlift driver have done to avoid the accident?”


Lane Change Incidents

 Type Date Comments Avoidable Length Pay Out / Reserve
1Lane Change Incident – Near Side 20/06/2011Totally Avoidable 00:16£0.00 
2Lane Change Incident – Off Side02/09/20113rd Party FaultYes00:22 –
3Lane Change Incident – Near Side28/05/2012Own FaultYes00:24 £8516.00
4Lane Change Incident – Near Side12/02/20133rd Party Fault 00:25 £0.00
5Lane Change Incident – Near Side07/04/2013Own FaultYes00:17 £5919.35
6Lane Change Incident – Near Side04/06/2014Own FaultYes00:31 £13498.72
7Lane Change Incident – Off Side04/05/2014Own FaultYes00:33 –
8Lane Change Incident – Near Side03/11/2014Own FaultYes00:37 £0.00
9Lane Change Incident – Near Side21/11/20143rd Party FaultYes00:17 £0.00
10Lane Change Incident – Off Side27/11/20143rd Party FaultYes01:49 £0.00
11Lane Change Incident – Near Side21/01/20153rd Party FaultYes00:35 £0.00
12Lane Change Incident – Near Side11/02/2015Own FaultYes00:20 £0.00
13Lane Change Incident – Near Side10/03/20153rd Party FaultYes00:31 £0.00
14Lane Change Incident – Near Side31/03/2015Own FaultYes00:32 £4350.00
15Lane Change Incident – Near Side10/04/20153rd Party FaultYes00:41 £2372.29
16Lane Change Incident – Near Side24/04/2015Own FaultYes00:31 £6038.43
17Lane Change Incident – Near Side09/06/2015Own FaultYes00:31 £7228.64
18Lane Change Incident – Near Side25/06/2015Own FaultYes00:31 £0.00
19Lane Change Incident – Off Side29/06/20153rd Party Fault 00:23 £0.00
20Lane Change Incident – Off Side18/07/2015DisputedYes00:42 £1500.00
21Lane Change Incident – Near Side11/09/2015Own FaultYes00:25 £7317.42
22Lane Change Incident – Near Side11/08/20153rd Party Fault 00:24 £0.00
23Lane Change Incident – Near Side 05/12/2014 Own Fault Yes 00:31 £22415.75
24Lane Change Incident – Near Side 11-11-2015Own Fault Yes £2701.00
25Lane Change Incident – Near Side 05-11-20153rd PartyNo £2702.00
26Lane Change Incident – Off Side 29-10-20153rd PartyNo £0.00
27Lane Change Incident – Off Side 24-12-2015TP FaultYes £0.00
28Lane Change Incident – Near Side 25-03-2016Our FaultYes



Rear End Shunt Incidents

 TypeDateCommentsAvoidableLengthPay Out / Reserve
1Rear End Shunt08/07/2011Own FaultYes00:25 £22536.00
2Rear End Shunt24/10/2011Own FaultYes00:19 £12410.72
3Rear End Shunt13/02/2012Own FaultYes01:15 –
4Rear End Shunt02/08/2012Own FaultYes00:23 £3610.00
5Rear End Shunt06/08/2012Own FaultYes05:23 £1500.00
6Rear End Shunt24/09/2014Own FaultYes00:31 £2692.26
7Rear End Shunt02/10/2014Own FaultYes00:47 £0.00
8Rear End Shunt09/01/20153rd Party Fault 00:38 £14350.00
9Rear End Shunt03/02/2015Own FaultYes00:48 £1705.80
10Rear End Shunt15/04/20153rd Party FaultNo00:16 £0.00
11Rear End Shunt22/07/2015Own FaultYes01:02 £4790.00
12Rear End Shunt25/08/20153rd Party FaultNo00:55 £0.00
13Rear End Shunt04/10/2014Own FaultYes00:46 £42134.59
14Rear End Shunt07/10/2015Own FaultYes £0.00



Bridge Strike Incidents

 TypeDateCommentsAvoidableLengthPay Out / Reserve
1Bridge Strike30/06/2015Own FaultYes00:31 £146000.00
2Bridge Strike15/06/2015Own FaultYes00:31 £30000.00



Other Incidents

 TypeDateCommentsAvoidableLengthPay Out / Reserve
1Narrow Lane03/06/2014Knock for Knock 00:18 £400.00
2Roundabout22/01/2015Own FaultYes00:31 £1387.76
3Sidelifter Lifting Incident Own FaultYes01:24 –
4Pedestrian Incident20/06/2007Own FaultYes01:10 £88889.10
5Passing Vehicle13/11/20153rd PartyYes £768.74
6Narrow gate03/01/201650/50 FaultYes
7Gate Hit21/03/2016Our FaultYes £1076.40
8Parked Vehicle04/04/2016Our FaultYes £360.00
9Sidelifter lifting incident 2 21/06/2016Totally Avoidable Yes 06:19£10000.00