A comprehensive range of container supply options


Containerlift have been supplying shipping containers for hire, lease and straight purchase to construction firms, retail companies, small businesses and individuals for many years. We have containers located around the country for delivery. All shipping containers supplied are wind and watertight giving you protection to any goods stored or transported. A wide range of container sizes and types are available, perfectly meeting your storage or shipping requirements.

Our most commonly sourced shipping containers are listed below:-

20ft Container
One of the standard sized containers used within the industry. Ideal for transporting larger goods, such as small machinery or a medium sized car. These are also commonly used for additional warehouse or storage space, easily lifted onto site by our sidelifter vehicles. These containers can be purchased or rented for a short or long term period. The containers can be stored on your site or we can take the loaded container away and store at one of our secure depots. Ask our sales advisors for more information.

40ft Container
This is also a standard sized container within the industry. These are commonly used where more space is required, such as for transporting large machinery, cars, construction equipment and exhibition projects.

Modified Containers
Containers can also be modified for a wide variety of applications and events, business workshops and temporary activities.

Call us for more information about:
•    Shipping containers for purchase, rent or lease.
•    New build and used shipping containers available.
•    Short term and long term rental options are not a problem.
•    Specialist shipping containers such as flat racks, refrigeration, open top and bespoke built containers available.
•    Storage containers are an affordable temporary or long term storage solution for your business or individual needs.
•    Free no obligation quote based on your needs.
All of these containers can be securely stacked for storage and moved from site to site by our sidelifter vehicles, allowing you to load and unload your goods safely on the ground without the requirement of a ramp and extra staff – saving you time and money! Supported by our fleet of sidelifters, crane and standard container haulage vehicles, we can deliver quickly and competitively for you.

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