Stories77 days working on a container ship

August 25, 2023

77 days working on a container ship

In an extraordinary adventure that bridges the end of 2019 and the dawn of 2020, Joe embarked on a 77-day journey unlike any other. Swapping the comforts of his day-to-day life for the raw reality of the high seas, he joined the crew of a container ship in the role of a watch-standing Able-Bodied Seaman, commonly referred to as AB.

During this immersive experience, Joe not only developed a newfound appreciation for maritime logistics but also got a firsthand look into the often underappreciated labor that keeps global trade afloat. Over two and a half months, through choppy waters and serene skies alike, he maintained rigorous watch schedules, participated in safety drills, and even engaged in the camaraderie that uniquely binds seafarers. This journey offered Joe life lessons in resilience, teamwork, and the complexities of an industry we seldom think about. And guess what? He captured it all on camera. So sit back and prepare to set sail as we dive into the video that chronicles Joe’s maritime odyssey.