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February 26, 2024
The 2022 Great Shipping Container Heist

The 2022 Great Shipping Container Heist In the shadowy pre-dawn hours of June 5th, an audacious act unfolded at the bustling port of Manzanillo, Mexico’s premier maritime gateway, casting a spotlight on a heist that would soon be dubbed the “robbery of the century.” This meticulously executed theft saw a band of over a dozen...

February 16, 2024
Trade Lane Upheavals Divert More Container Cargo to U.S. West Coast

Trade Lane Upheavals Divert More Container Cargo to U.S. West Coast The recent challenges facing the global shipping industry have led to a significant shift in the dynamics of international trade routes, particularly affecting the flow of goods from Asia to the U.S. East Coast. The Panama Canal, a pivotal maritime shortcut connecting the Atlantic...

February 12, 2024
International Shipping and the importance of cargo insurance.

International Shipping and the importance of cargo insurance. Embarking on the voyage of global trade opens doors to boundless opportunities yet navigates through a sea of challenges. International shipping, a critical component of this journey, introduces a myriad of risks that can jeopardize your cargo.  From the perils of damaged goods to the looming threat...

February 5, 2024
The Versatile World of Shipping Containers: From Creation to Utilisation

The Versatile World of Shipping Containers: From Creation to Utilisation Shipping containers, often seen as the building blocks of global commerce, are far more than just steel boxes traversing the oceans. These containers, typically made from robust, weather-resistant steel, have revolutionised the way goods are transported across the world. From electronics to apparel, they serve...

January 28, 2024
Impact of Electric Vehicles on Global Shipping: Revolutionising Transport

Impact of Electric Vehicles on Global Shipping: Revolutionising Transport The Global Shipping Industry: A Bedrock of International Trade The global shipping industry stands as the backbone of international trade, transporting approximately 90% of the world’s goods. This industry, sprawling and diverse, ranges from vast container ships crossing oceans to smaller vessels navigating rivers and coastal...

January 22, 2024
7 Benefits of Short Sea Shipping

Efficient and Sustainable: Exploring Short Sea Shipping for European Trade In the dynamic and interconnected world of European commerce, Short Sea Shipping (SSS) stands out as a strategic and environmentally sound solution. This transportation method, which involves shipping goods and passengers over relatively short sea distances, is becoming increasingly popular among businesses in the UK....

January 15, 2024
Welcome to the Sidelift Container

Sidelifter Container Delivery Services offer a comprehensive solution for transporting and handling shipping containers across the UK. Our fleet, equipped with advanced self-loading vehicles, ensures efficient and safe delivery nationwide. Capable of handling various container sizes, including 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, and 45ft, our Containerlift trailers can lift containers weighing up to 36 tonnes. With extensive...

January 15, 2024
Discovering Containerlift – Beyond Ordinary Haulage

In the dynamic world of logistics and freight transportation, Containerlift stands out as a beacon of innovation and comprehensive service. Based in the UK, this esteemed company transcends the traditional boundaries of a container haulier, offering a suite of services that caters to the complex needs of modern businesses. From expert freight forwarding to seamless...

January 11, 2024
Red Sea & Suez Canal Update

The recent attacks to shipping vessels, has made the passage through the Red Sea and the Suez Canal extremely dangerous. The safety of the crew remains the top priority for shipping lines until a safe passage can be assured. Therefore, many vessels are re-routing around South Africa and the Cape of Good Hope enroute between...

January 8, 2024
Shipping routes to East Africa

Shipping from the UK to East Africa typically involves maritime routes passing through the Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Canal, descending into the Red Sea, and then following the East African coast. These routes can vary depending on the specific East African destination port.  Some may require transshipment or additional overland transport, especially for inland...