Containerlift assist to get aid to people in Ukraine

March 14, 2022

With the atrocities in Ukraine, as a transport and freight company, we felt that we had to help and assist with transporting aid to areas in Eastern Europe.

Great Dunmow based, Containerlift’s Managing Director, Joost Baker said “seeing the terrible scenes in Ukraine and with our own vehicles having regular work to Eastern Europe, and, prior to the war, to Ukraine.  Friends have been filling up their own private vans with donations to travel to Poland, so it seemed like an easy thing to do with our access to our own shipping containers and lorries. We quickly posted an appeal on our social media channels as well as BBC Look East to find a charity to work with in the UK.  The response from the appeal was amazing, with people reaching out from across the country.  We thank everyone who got in touch, their efforts are so inspiring.

The events we are seeing unfolding in Ukraine have been truly shocking.  Innocent people and families are being torn apart as they face the Russian invasion.  Containerlift employ many Eastern Europeans across the business including drivers and management, my wife’s Grandparents were Polish and evacuated to the UK during WW2. We are fully aware of the upset this is causing them, and hope that they may find some comfort in knowing that the company they work for are doing their bit to help.

After many conversations, we offered our assistance to a group in Birmingham, ‘Moseley For Ukraine’ – set up by a Polish resident Malwina James.  She quickly spread the word on social media and organised two donation days at Hive Café in Birmingham.  They became overwhelmed by the generosity of people and the café was soon full up, with donations and volunteers!  They moved to a nearby church and empty shops, as well as a larger warehouse facility where the donations were sorted and packed.

Containerlift were then ready to step in and help.  We delivered a 40ft shipping container to their loading site, where another team of volunteers rallied to pack the container.  Moseley For Ukraine were very specific with the much-needed items in Poland, filling the container with aid such as sleeping bags, medicines, first aid kits, nappies, bullet proof vests, toothbrushes, tinned food and so much more.

Today (Monday 14th March), our Polish driver set off for Poland, delivering to an aid charity who will be sending items straight to Lviv.

We thank everyone involved in making this happen, the kindness and generosity is heartening.”