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November 8, 2021

We recently donated a number of computers to local schools near our head office; Great Dunmow Primary School and Great Easton Primary School.

With an upgrade to our whole IT infrastructure to make it easier for staff to work from home due to Covid-19, Joost Baker, Containerlift’s Managing Director said “with the upgrade we found ourselves with some very good computers which were no longer needed so we offered them to local schools in the area. They have either used these within school or donated them to parents. Being a father of two school aged children, I am aware how difficult home-schooling may have been for some parents without the right equipment, so we hope these computers can make the lives of some parents much easier.”

Headteacher of Great Dunmow Primary School, Mr Watts, quoted – “We are so pleased that Containerlift reached out to us to offer computers to our families in our school community. It is such a generous offer and has been really appreciated.”